Thursday, October 20, 2011

Versace for H&M

Oh no.  It's happening again... Another designer collaboration with a retail store.  Does this mean more mass hysteria?!?!?  My boyfriend is probably hiding under the bed right now as he encountered firsthand my own freakout over Missoni for Target.  I am not really a label whore and in the past have only so much as browsed such collections, making the occasional purchase here and there if I truly LOVED a piece.  However, in this past instance, I have always been a diehard fan of the iconic Missoni print, not for the high-end stature, but more for what it represents to me.  My favorite decade is the 70s disco era and I find myself quite often dreaming of dancing the night away at Studio 54 wearing not much more than a Missoni one piece a la...

...a fur coat, and ginormous platform wedges, but alas, I was conceived 3 or 4 decades too late.  Or were my parents?  Either way, that ship has sunk and so when Missoni was released for Target I admit, I freaked a bit.  I ended up buying just about everything I wanted (only a mere 11 pieces! - damn that espresso set for selling out and eff Target for never sending me the iphone case and umbrella which I'm still holding out hope for) but I was a bit disappointed by the actual quality which is always an issue in these collaborations.  And so, with caution, I will try to approach Versace for H&M with a discerning eye.  I honestly haven't been too excited for this collaboration, but today the internet was abuzz with images of the full collection, and I have to admit I am impressed with more than a few pieces.  And so, without further ado, here are the pieces that caught my eye.  I may or may not make a few purchases on November 17th when the collection is released if I can beat out all those greedy little ebay hands...

Pretty fantastic.  

Business in the front, party on the sleeves.
For those that want some flair to the average office ensemble.

Gorgeous.  Fab color and 10pts for good use of a Bedazzler.
This may be a winner.

Hot date dress, but potential for clingy fabric to show the goods off early.
Make him work for that shit ladies!!

Maybe.  Maybe...

I'm always a sucker for little animal heads on my limbs.




I DO NOT need another leather coat, but this is pretty fantastical.

Beautify that muffin top!

Always, anywhere, any time.

A Bedazzled beanie can do no wrong.

Ha!  Just want to make sure you're still paying attention!!!

Last but not least, I have NOTHING in my wardrobe remotely close to this,
and maybe it's my inner JLO coming out, but I think I need it.

Donatella and crew have done a great job blending past with present as many of the looks embody the spirit of Versace decades past wrapped up with current trends - which may have been what piqued my interest.  In case you missed the mention above (hellooo?!?!) the collection hits stores Nov. 17th.  You can view the complete collection and prices here!  Hope everyone makes it out of stores alive!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bored Meeting

Bored Meeting

Claudie Pierlot shirts blouse, €135
Giambattista Valli ruched skirt, $1,590
Roman sandals, $40
Miu Miu genuine leather handbag, $159
H M metal bangle, £6.99
Dannijo jewel necklace, $345
Giorgio Fedon 1919 Classica - Medium Orange Calfskin Weekly Organizer..., $343

Just a little something I came up with uber-fast when I was bored and dreaming of what I would wear if I were top kitty cat running a board meeting at my own would be anything but boring. Yes, the shoes are a little matchy-matchy, but sometimes I like matchy-matchy (!!!) and they were too fun not to pair with this awesome peplum skirt. Tuck the necklace under the collar, the blouse into the skirt, and you are good to go.
P.S. depending on where you work, you might have to be top kitty cat to get away with wearing this in the office. Strappy neon-colored shoes and sleeveless arms might raise some eyebrows - you've been warned... Who am I kidding?! Do it anyway!
*I'm not obsessed:  When creating this I didn't even think of my blog and how the hot pink skirt and border would match.  I swear I don't even like hot pink that much!!

Who I Am and What I've Done

Yours Truly

Three posts in and I thought I should tell you a little bit about myself considering you are nice enough to stop by and read my blog.  Thanks!  As previously mentioned I just moved from LA to NYC with my boyfriend and little puggle, Miley.  We live in an adorable apartment on the Upper East Side.



I have a Bachelors degree in Communications from Temple University, as I originally wanted to peruse pursue a career in broadcast journalism and an Associates degree in Merchandise Product Development from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, as I then fell in love with fashion.  
I have two older sisters and together we are just like the Kardashians.  Well, except for the fact that neither one of my sisters spends more than 5 minutes on their hair, wear no more than a few simple strokes of makeup, and don't pay much attention to fashion.  I am the a bit of the blacksheep in this family!  We also aren't as incredibly rich and bootylicious, but we like to think we're just as amusing and equally hilarious.  We've been told we have a similar relationship with our mother (I think we're nicer!) who isn't quite the momager Kris Kardashian is - damn momma I could have been famous!! - but we love her all the same.  

The girls and the NEW BOY!

Last December we added something new to the family to switch things up - a baby boy.  Colin is my oldest sister's first child and he is absolutely to die for.  The proofs in the pudding:

Exhibit A:  Yes, he is ALWAYS this cute. 

Exhibit B:  I pay good money for lashes like these...

Apart from my family, I have had many great experiences in life.  So far I've lived in three major cities, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and now New York.  My broad education has allowed me to work some pretty awesome jobs.  I have worked in the office of Jennifer Lopez Enterprises,  assisted in event planning for the Dolce Group (Les Deux, Geisha House, etc.), helped to run celebrity stylist Ken Paves's beauty empire, researched and helped conduct interviews for the Style Network, and worked as a fashion stylist for  All of this has brought me to where I am today.  My goal in life now is to work in trend forecasting and reporting in the crazy fashion world of NYC.  Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Gucci Mob

I realize I have a bit of a problem collecting fashion magazines.  Even worse though is my addiction to ripping inspiration from said magazines.  I probably look like I'm in a horrendous rage when flipping through Vogue - shredding the magazine into pieces.  It's my penchant for leaving the tear sheets all of my apartment that really kills it.  My guy will pick them up from random places such as scattered across the floor, under the bed blankets, in the fridge...  When questioned what I need them for I just roll my eyes and stash them away somewhere else random.  I've finally begun to actually use the storage folder I bought almost two years ago!  In an attempt to collect less and decrease the amount of clutter (my guy's description, not mine) I have cancelled most of my subscriptions, which is why I am currently sitting at Barnes & Nobles scouring the latest publications that will sadly not find a home on my shelf - or floor.  I have to keep reminding my hand when I see something I like to not rip from the pages I do not own.  And so, when it comes to Gucci's fall/winter 2011/2012 ad campaign I have pulled from the internet and therefore can also share with you!  

The boss.  That's a bad mama-jama right there.

The right-hand woman.  That bag is locked and loaded.

We'll assume they have sensitive retinas...

The brains of the operation.
(Who knew his and her glasses could be so sexy?! Gucci of course! Duh!)

"Do I smell a rat?"

"Nope, just another cheek..."

Outcast or drug-induced couch love affair?

"Excuse me while I use your dress to present my powerpoint slides."

I can't help but imagine a time where the mafia uses high-fashion to kill and holds its meetings at Studio54.  My brain works in mysterious ways I know.  The film noir vibe, jewel tones, luscious fabrics, perfectly sleek lego hair, creative use of background imagery, repetitive use of perfectly tied neck-bows, and the pops of color on top of "dark corners for doing dark deeds" is something I can get down with.  Bravo Gucci.  Bravo.

Oh yeah.  She could join this party.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

J'adore Fall

A lovely fall Sunday morning in NYC.

Spontaneous downpour that had us huddling under a rooftop.

Back to the streets!  
Unbeknownst to you (unless you're stalking me) I just moved from Los Angeles with my guy and pup to Manhattan to re-embrace east coast culture (I'm originally from Pennsylvania) and to find work in fashion publications (obviously) - more on that later!!  My honey-pie sugar-bear and I had a lovely weekend and welcomed the fall weather with great enthusiasm.  We ditched unpacking the towers of boxes that engulf our entire shoebox apartment for venturing around the city.  On the way to brunch I said to honey-pie sugar-bear, "Honey-Pie Sugar-Bear," TOTES kidding!!  I don't really call him that!  "Can we cut through Bloomingdales and peruse a bit?"  To which he replied, "I would love to peruse a bit."  To which I replied, "I LOVE that you would LOVE that!"  See how early on I let you in on such an intimate conversation??  I was honestly more excited that we both just used the word "peruse."  It turned out to be a great Sunday that included not only Bloomingdales and brunch, but the dog park on the east river, cappuccinos (because nothing says "fall" more than a soy cappuccino with cinnamon), random dvd purchases (Home Alone 2 anyone??), and an evening watching Hocus Pocus next to a pumpkin spice candle.  Ahhh J'adore fall!

*Side note End of page" note:  While my blog title and title of this post might lead you to think otherwise, I am not bilingual.  I just write in French sometimes to sound fancy.  Fooled ya huh?  Also, if you are stalking me, I have to say it's a bit too early.  We're only two posts in.  At least wait for the post when I mention where I live, how I spend each hour of my day, and tweet my every whereabout.  It'll make it much easier on you!  Ciao!

Friday, September 30, 2011

The gimmick, the mimic, the jig is up: the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth - reworked.

You know that scene in Bridget Jones's Diary when she realizes her take on life has been completely all wrong and she decides to take control of things and makes that big, impactful move of changing the (gasp!) name of her diary to Diary of Bridget Jones?!  Yeah, this is kind of like that.
I created this blog a long time ago - January 2010 to be exact. It was supposed to be an extension of my other blog, Fashion Candy, to show photos of my awesomely creative and fashionable daily outfits. What a bust!  I just couldn't drive myself to blog everyday,  take pictures of myself everyday, be funny and witty everyday, get DRESSED everyday, and communicate with readers I was never really sure actually existed.  Are you guys there?!?!  Time for a fresh start.
It all started with the blog title.  Have you seen the movie Ma Vie En Rose?  If you haven't I HIGHLY recommend that you run to your closest Blockbuster (do they still exist?!) and rent it.  Wait, they probably won't have it!  Order it from Netflix - hold on, I don't think it's available there either.  Looks like Amazon wins on this one!  And you get to keep it!  The luck!  Anywho, I was soo happy to find the title was available, and it was MINE!  ALL MINE!!  Well, it's been mine for over a year now and I've been greedy and have done nothing with it.  Who knows how many people have had their hearts broken and blogging dreams smashed because they had a huge dream of starting a blog with the title Ma Vie En Fashion but the name was already taken and not only that but just sitting there in the blogosphere doing nothing?!  I assure you I don't usually run around slaying dreams!!  So my friends, I've decided to take some action, get back to being creative, and blog just to blog with nothing to prove, no one to impress, and no intention of taking over and becoming queen of the Blogging Kingdom.  Am I saying I had those intentions before?  Maybe...
Be forewarned, this is going to be the LONGEST opening blog post ever.  I believe the title is in the lead as well.  Sorry if I'm 5 paragraphs too late to be warning you.  If you can believe it, I had actually written a much longer essay-esque intro (which I just deleted!) all about my journey with fashion from as long ago as high school to thus point, but then I thought, "who the eff cares?!"  And with that being said, let's get down to brass tax and start actually blogging!